Wacken Open Air 2023 – from story and sold-out records to great line-up
The great success of Wacken Open Air is not from the realm of fiction. The world's largest metal music festival has been reaping laurels for several years. So sold-out of WOA 2023 in record time - just 6 hours, is fully justified. Lithuanian community also is a part of WOA for years. Reports starting from 2002, review of book “We The People Of Wacken“, contribution to Wacken stories – this is only few examples of Lithuanian footprints in this Metal Event of year. So we are definitely looking forward to WOA 2023. See you, rain or shine!  
Intense lullabies and cathartic infernos: interview with SIBERIAN HELL SOUNDS
The show of SIBERIAN HELL SOUNDS in Vilnius on May 2nd crowned the band‘s 2017 European tour with their fierce Danish allies HEXIS. Just before the rewardingly dark and aggressive in-your-face (literally) hardcore performance, I had a rare honor to do my first ever outdoor interview with guitarist Dan and vocalist Matthew of this marvelous Australian band that you need to check out if you haven‘t already.
"It must be extreme, that‘s all": interview with Sadist of BESTIAL RAIDS
Uncompromising and not messing around with their purposes BESTIAL RAIDS, that performed on the eschatological stage of Armageddon Descends for the second time, were one of the high points of the event, in my opinion. I had a pleasure not only to witness the relentless raid of these polish metal-beasts but also to sit down together with band‘s vocalist and bass player Sadist to talk about the musical and ideological extremities of BESTIAL RAIDS.
EMBRACE OF THORNS: there should always be something dark, twisted and sinister about Black Metal
The interview with EMBRACE OF THORNS from Greece was originally conducted in the year 2015, specifically for “Forgotten Path Magazine”. The band is coming to Lithuania on April 22 and will give a concert in Armageddon Descends.
Guys in CUMBEAST are not very fond of HM-2 pedal but they might write a ballad
On February 4th the grand and grinding “In‘Feast Vol. I” ravaged Vilnius. I‘m pretty sure, though, that this honourable mission wouldn‘t have been completed without the great guerrillaz of sickness from Finland – CUMBEAST.
The third chance is given by THIRD CHANCE. Take it!
You definitely can’t tell the guys in THIRD CHANCE what to do because they definitely know what they are doing causing some real hardcore-violence in the crowd that you find yourself irresistibly drawn into. On February 4th the Lithuanian audience had a pleasure to experience these Finnish hardcore-delights in a feast of heaviness and brutality “In’Feast Vol. I”. And, boy, THIRD CHANCE was killing it. Here’s an interview with the band’s vocalist Viki and bass player Niki done just before the show.
REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER: freedom is the most important thing in life
REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER is one of the few bands, in my opinion, that deserves the title of a post-black metal band. These French musicians are an example of good, high quality and successful post-black metal. The possibility to hear them live in Lithuania is close already – the band will give a concert in Devilstone Open Air festival in Anykščiai this weekend already, on July 16.
Metal legends “Nile” and “Melechesh” to play in Riga at the end of March
On Thursday, 31st March, club “Melna Piektdiena” will host a long-awaited performance. Technical death metal masters “Nile” from the USA will return to Riga with a show. The legendary band will be supported by “Melechesh” and “Embryo”.
New album of STIFFER - in March
The southern rock band from Vilnius STIFFER will be releasing a new album called "7 lies" on the 4 th of March and will play 3 shows to promote it.
Debut album of HELLHOOKAH "Endless Serpents" released as CD
The debut album of Vilnius doom metal band HELLHOOKAH “Endless Serpents” has been released in CD format and reached hands of the band. The album was released by the independent US label NoSlip Records.
Nekrokatarsis presents: Martynas Meškauskas' art exhibition
Today Inferna Profundus Records is releasing the ANUBI album “Mirties Metafora”, for the first time on CD (first release was in 1995, on tape). Attendees of Armageddon Descends IV will be the first ones who will be able to acquire this release. On this occasion, Nekrokatarsis congregation invites you to an extraordinary event – the graphic works exhibition of Martynas Meškauskas, which will be exhibited in the festival area.
New album “Ryšys” of LUCTUS – in September
Kaunas black metal brigade LUCTUS has announced: “The time has come to introduce the new LUCTUS record. In June, two years after the release of the album "Stotis", we entered the recording studio again. This time we decided to do the recordings in the well-know but long disused Lapės studio. Once again, all the sound engineering was carried out by Gints Lundbergs. The studio sessions were very intensive and lasted about a week. The new album consists of 7 pieces of metal of death".
LUCTUS starting new album recording session
Kaunas black metal band LUCTUS has posted a rejoicing message to fans on its official Facebook page: “Today, June 8th, we are starting a new era. More than two years have passed from the “Stotis” album release and we are entering the studio again to record our third full-length album!"
New album of SKYFORGER – in April
The Latvian pagan metal band SKYFORGER: “Some of you already know that for the last few years, SKYFORGER has been busy working on a new album. Today we finally can reveal some details, including cover art, track list and release date. We titled it "Senprūsija" or "Old Prussia" in English, and it will be released on the 6th of April.”
ANGIS live in Kilkim Žaibu festival after 11 years of silence
After 11 years of silence ANGIS is back in the game! And no, the band has not changed in any way. We are proud to announce that the original line up of the album “Praeities Ženklai” (“Signs Of The Past”) is back together: Aivaras – vocals, Tadas – guitar, Darius Šatras – guitar, Giedrius – bass and Gytis – drums!
“Armageddon Descends III” - full line-up, poster, video
As the festival “Armageddon Descends III”, which will be held in Vilnius, at the culture club Kablys on 14 March, is getting closer, the organizers present the poster for the event, full line-up and promo video.
OBOLTRED presents new album "Alkani Basi"
Vilnius death metal band OBOLTRED presented its new album Alkani Basi (Hungry Barefeet) in February of 2015, just before Shrove Tuesday.
BERSERKER “Dark Worlds Collide” - album and video
In January of 2015, Vilnius melodic metal band BERSERKER released its debut album “Dark Worlds Collide” in a digital version, with a video to the title track.
"Substitutional Race of Tomorrow" of EXILE INTO SUFFERY on Bandcamp
Vilnius death/deathcore team EXILE INTO SUFFERY publishes its new full-length album "Substitutional Race of Tomorrow" on its Bandcamp website. The album should be released physically soon.
DARK RAVAGE recorded demo of three songs
Vilnius black metal band DARK RAVAGE has recorded a demo of three songs. "Išsigelbėjimas Mirtyje" is from the first demo "Tamsos Karalystė", second song "To Invoke The Lord" is from the first album called "The Dawn Of A New World" and the third song named "Desolate Forest Shadows" is from the upcoming album.
Festival KILKIM ŽAIBU returns to Semigallia!
For the last 5 years the festival KILKIM ŽAIBU took place in Samogitia, Varniai. After its 15-th birthday, the organisers decided to search for a new place. "We're very excited that the festival returns to its birthplace - Semigallia," the oraganisers, Pikuolis Club, state.
Sophomore album of INQUISITOR "Clinamen | Episteme" released
The sophomore album of Vilnius avant-garde black metal band INQUISITOR called "Clinamen | Episteme" was released on December 1. It's already the second collaboration between the band and "Forgotten Path Records".
AU-DESSUS debut mini album to be released by Polish labels
Vilnius post black metal act AU-DESSUS has announced that in February 2015, Godz Ov War Productions & Third Eye Temple are going to release a limited, 150-copy MC version of the band’s self-titled debut album. The release contains more than half an hour of ambitious and dark black metal of a new era, and its premiere will concur with the release of the CD / LP version by Witching Hour Productions. This Polish record label has worked with such bands as kaip BEHEMOTH, VADER, HATE, TRAUMA, AZARATH.
Sixth issue of Forgotten Path Magazine dedicated to black metal released
For the third year in sequence, the month of November brings the new issue of “Forgotten Path Magazine”. It is officially announced that the 6th cycle of the publication is officially released!
Demo recording of LIVING ALTAR band
Vilnius black/death metal band LIVING ALTAR shared its first demo recording "Universe of Thralls" with listeners. The record was made live in the studio Targetted Killing in several hours with the help of V. (SISYPHEAN). The mixing and mastering of the demo was made by Vaidotas (NYKSTA). Cover artwork - by Monika Boo.
4-track demo recording of NO REAL PIONEERS
Vilnius post rock/post metal/screamo band NO REAL PIONEERS presented its 4-track demo. The recording was made and mixed by Kipras XI20, mastering - by Tomas Ve. The cover art photograph was created by Kristina Valavičiūtė.
“We The People Of Wacken” – review of the photographic chronicle of the festival
“Wacken Open Air” grew into the biggest metal fest in the world and became the original paradise (or hell?) of metalheads. This year we have the 25th edition of WOA – a quarter of the century has passed already. The anniversary was marked by an instant sold-out, a number of famous bands and novelties of organization. Moreover, one of accents is the photo book “We The People Of Wacken”. Not each open-air festival attracts such attention.
Debut album of Vilnius alternative/progressive metal band UNLOST
Vilnius alternative/progressive metal band UNLOST has released its debut album “The Weightless Wisdom”.
Latvian doom metal band CATALEPSIA recording its first album
The Latvian doom metal band CATALEPSIA has started recording its first album. Although CATALEPSIA started musical activities in 2005, there have been many changes including music style and band members, and the band has matured for its first album only now.
New album of MERESSIN “Tik Kars Yr Teisybi”
After 13 years the Samogitian war metal band MERESSIN presents the fifth album “Tik Kars Yr Teisybi” (“Only The War Is The Truth”) with 13 new songs. The album was released in May of 2014. It was recorded for several years. All the songs are in Samogitian.
LUCIFER released studio album “Desensitized To Oppression”
Vilnius thrash/death metal band LUCIFER released its first full-length album “Desensitized To Oppression”. The album has nine harsh thrash metal compositions that tell you the story about a humanity that is desensitized and subdued to a modern slavery through technology and media that builds a virtual cage in our heads. Learn how we become mediocrities together with LUCIFER. Currently the band is searching for a label.
Debut album of DEVLSY "A Parade Of States" – in CD format
Vilnius post black metal act DEVLSY informed about their album "A Parade Of States" released in CD formed by MAA Prod. in May, 2014.
METAL MESSIAH - new EP “Mind Corrosion”
Vilnius-based thrash metal band METAL MESSIAH inspired and devoted to 80‘s and 90‘s thrash metal released their EP “Mind Corrosion” in May, 2014. It is a five-track album of 22 minutes with three completely new songs and two elder ones. The first single “Off To War” of the EP titled “Mind Corrosion” was presented in May too.
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