Review: VALINOR "Hidden Beauty" – is the Beauty Hidden Too Deep?
Four years have passed and the Polish VALINOR reminded about their existence. Now the second album named „Hidden Beauty“ has been released.
Review: "Seeds of Fate" – French Seeds for Lust of HYPNOSIS and Hallucinations
Here we could return back to October 1993 when heavy seeds were sowed in a province of France. They finally matured three years later when Cindy, Patrice and Pierre formed the core of HYPNOSIS. Today we have the fourth album of the band named „Seeds of Fate“.
Interview with Krauklis from URSKUMUG: „Tadas Forever!”
Six concerts in Lithuania, an album issued by “Ledo Takas”, impressive outfit, and original sound has helped the Latvian metal band URSKUMUG gain popularity in Lithuania. Therefore, the head, soul and guitarist-vocalist of URSKUMUG Krauklis is interviewed about the past, present days and future plans of the band.
DIS PATER: “All the time we felt our band is a metal band”
Interview with DIS PATER, a doom metal band from Kaliningrad (Russia). DIS PATER is one of the participants of the yearly festival "Helloween 2006" in Vilnius.
Report: “Hole in the Sky 2006” - Morbid Tales from the City of Rain
It’s becoming an annual tradition to visit Bergen on the last weekend of August. And it is not the fish market or wooden houses which attract me there. The “Hole in the Sky” festival being held at this time is famous for good bands and special atmosphere.
Interview with the Latvian melodic death metal band INFECTED
As the festival „Ferrum Rust“, by which the autumn metal season will be opened, is approximating, we gave a few questions to the Latvian melodic metal band INFECTED that will give a concert in Lithuania for the first time. The band existing from 2001 was searching for its style of many years and finally stopped with melodic death metal. We will be able to evaluate the music of the band next weekend, on September 9, and here is the short acquaintance with the members of the band.
Report: Wacken Open Air 2005: Surprises from Sky and Earth for 16th Fest Edition
“Iron“ guys (Thom Jensen and Holger Hübner) don’t slumber, and despite of the heating sun or melting rains, carry out their mission. At the very end of one WOA, preparation jobs for another one are performed.
Tom Angelripper from SODOM: “Thrash bands will always be the strongest part of the international metal scene”
German thrash metal legends SODOM are coming to Lithuania on April 15th, 2006. This along waited event by crowd of metalheads here made me ask SODOM’s leader Tom Angelripper a couple of questions. Let’s look what he said...
Report: Show of Steve Vai in Vilnius
“I wrote this song for all my friends in Lithuania. When I grow up, I’m gonna be a famous rock’n’roll guitar player!”. No, these weren’t the words said at the beginning of the concert, but they could be the best reflection of the whole concert spirit.
Several questions for the guitar player of GOREFEST Frank Harthoorn
The Dutch leaders of death metal scene GOREFEST are alive from 1989 when the band was founded by the vocalist and bass player Jan-Chris De Koeyer and guitar player Frank Harthoorn. After splitting up in 1998, the band resurrected in 2004 and lately recorded their reunion album called “La Muerte”.
ROTTING CHRIST: “Art should be extreme in order to pass messages to the world”
This fall Greek black metallers ROTTING CHRIST are coming to the Baltic States for the first time. The long awaited show in one of them, Lithuania, is due on September 4th. That was the reason for me to ask the leader of the band, singer and guitarist, Sakis a couple of questions about everything. So here you are...
Interview with Justin Sillivan  from NEW MODEL ARMY
Interview was originally taken for website
Interview with Lord Messir from DARK DOMINATION
The Latvian band DARK DOMINATION has been active since 1998 but the first time the band gave a live concert was only this year in Lithuania in Šiauliai. We are talking about the plans of the band, music and ideas with the founder and leader of DD Lord Messir.
Report: WACKEN OPEN AIR 2004 - Lithuanian attitude towards events of anniversary metal fiesta
15th Wacken Open Air was the reason fields of quiet village were crowded by huge mass of metalheads and all stages were going to raise a number of very famous and strong metal acts. The jubilee attracted attention of record number of Lithuanian headbangers as well.
DISMEMBER’s Martin Persson: ‘Death metal is on it´s way back’
Swedish death metallers DISMEMEBER continues to conquer Europe and for the first time ever they’re going to have three exclusive gigs in the Baltic States in the mid of July (2004). Regarding this fabulous event Lithuanian [one of the Baltic states] heavy music portal Ferrum ( asked band’s gutarist Martin Persson to answer couple of questions about death metal, tours and band’s drinking habits.
Interview with Blasphemer from MAYHEM
Interview was originally taken for website
Report: WACKEN OPEN AIR 2003 - Privileges of accredited paparazzi
Yeah, this year’s Wacken was special to me from the musical aspect: so many fuckin‘ great bands to witness it was shame to miss them and/or get too drunk and take too little care on them. So, the plan was pretty clear – to remember old good days when you have been running like mad to check this that and yet another, and after that a dozen of other shows.
Interview with INSOMNIUM
Originated from Joensuu INSOMNIUM has very good potential to rise next to such grands of Finnish metal scene as AMORPHIS and SENTENCED. Their debut full-length release “In the Halls of Awaiting” got good reviews and was hailed among fans of melodic death metal all over the world.
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