About ferrum

2014.05.30 16:25

The Lithuanian website Ferrum.lt which is focusing on metal music and metal subculture, was launched in 2002. The website publishes music news, reports from music events organised in Lithuania and abroad as well as reviews of music albums and various articles about metal. Internet users may also find legal recordings of Lithuanian bands in mp3 format which are placed in the section “Bands”.

English version of FERRUM includes:
1. About Ferrum – the page you are reading now;
2. Bands – the index of Lithuanian metal bands;
3. Concerts – calendar of local and foreign concerts & festivals;
4. News – selectively translated news or articles from main Lithuanian version of website.

About people behind FERRUM

The authors of FERRUM website are young people, working mostly in the fields of journalism, management, web design and programming. The participation in FERRUM offers them a unique possibility to put into practice and further develop their professional skills. Everyone is welcome to join FERRUM team if one has any creative ideas and is willing to contribute to the development of the website and other activities.

Press releases, album reviews, interviews and other information may be submitted to: info@ferrum.lt