Interview with Lord Messir from DARK DOMINATION

2005.04.07 00:00, Aušra

The Latvian band DARK DOMINATION has been active since 1998 but the first time the band gave a live concert was only this year in Lithuania in Šiauliai. We are talking about the plans of the band, music and ideas with the founder and leader of DD Lord Messir.

How would you describe your band? What is the purpose of your music – free time occupation, spreading of black ideology, something else?

Well I can describe my band like Pure Latvian Black Metal Art! It is not a free time occupation, it is propaganda of satanic ideology. The main thing is to fight against the fucking Christianity!!!

How was the band formed? Are all members unanimous in the musical ideas? Who writes music/words?

The band DARK DOMINATION was formed like a BM band in 1998. I decided to create BM because I feel that BM is what I really want and need. I think that all other members are satisfied with DD music and ideas. I compose all music and lyrics. Sometimes I take some small ideas from Lodbrok (guitar, vocals), but the main word is mine.

How would you ground the previous determination of DD not to give live performances and to avoid gigs? Why was this determination broken this spring in the festival Tvaikas II in Šiauliai? And I heard you had another gig in Czech? Which one did you like better then?

We did not say we will never play. We could not do it before because we did not have the full line-up. But in 2004 I collected the full band and now we can play live gigs. In March we had the first 2 concerts. The first was on Tvaikas II fest and the second was in the Czech Republic. I don’t know which one was better. In your country metal fans were much better than in CZ, but at Apocalypsa fest the sound was better and we play better as well. I liked both concerts because these are our first steps in live gigs.

Corpse-paint. Pig heads. What does it mean for the band? Is it a regular black metal element or does it give some additional points to you music? Did the band think about the image before its first show or did it come naturally as self-explanatory?

Well, I have my own point of view for how BM must be. BM music, corpse-paint, ideology and other artefacts make one whole for me. Surely I thought about the show before. And I decided to make this show so that out music would create a bigger impression. People must feel and see the real satanic and blasphemous atmosphere. I hope people from Lithuania and CZ were shocked.

This year DD issued its full-length album. Is it the first full-length since 1998 when the band was formed? In Lithuania many bands simply do not have enough means for issuing good albums and this work takes many years. Is the situation the same in Latvia?

Our first full-length album in MC format was released in 2001 and 2 years later this debut album “Blasphemy” was re-released in Portugal with 1000 numbers of copies. Last year one of our song from the debut album was released on a Greek metal music compilation. And this year we present our second album “Let Satan Speak Through Our Lips” in CD format. For me the main problem was always to collect the full line-up. Now that it was done, we started working on the new album. Surely for us recording of the new album was not easy because we had to pay our own money for everything.

How would you estimate the album? Is there one theme of all songs, kind of a conceptual album or are those separate songs from different periods of your career? Are you satisfied with the quality? Where was it recorded, who or what company is going to distribute it?

I may describe the new album as very aggressive, satanic and blasphemous! Surely the main conception is blasphemy. All songs were composed in one period, and the album includes only new material. I am satisfied about quality at 90% – always after the recording you start thinking that you can do something different and maybe better. Still, I like our new album. Now we have more experience, and we will use this experience on our next album. The album was recorded in Latvia at the Fenikss studio. Now we released a limited edition at a small French label and now we will try to sign a contract with some big label.

Some of the members of your band are also playing in other projects. Is it ok or could there be any threat to the assimilation of musical ideas in different bands?

Well, I don’t like all what others make outside DD and I don’t care what they do. In DD I created a rigid discipline. If they want to release their own ideas, let them do it outside DD. Fuck the democracy! Totalitarianism is necessary in the band! Only with this condition the band may become successful.

How many black metal fans do you have in Latvia approximately, which band would you consider the strongest?

I think that DD have few fans in Latvia. You want to ask me why? We are unknown and a closed band. Only a very small number of people know who we are and what we do. We don’t play in Latvia. We don’t care how many fans we have, we don’t think about all this shit. All what we do at first we do for ourselves. I don’t care about other bands, fuck them all, only we are the true BM band here in Latvia.

What influences may be felt in the music of DD? Do you have any idols in the Baltics, Scandinavia, rest of Europe?

Scandinavian bands made the main impression for me. Old school BM.

What was the story of DD ex-member Frostmourn? As it is indicated in the Metal Archives page, he “was found hung in a forest on 8th June 2004 – R.I.P.” Was it a suicide, did he have any personal problems? (Of course, if you are willing to talk about it).

Frostmourn was in DD only for a few months. He was very young and he has choosen his way. Yes, it was suicide. By the way, he was the second person in the band’s history who died. The first one was killed in 1999 and he was a drummer too. The only thing I have after their dead is the tape with the record from the last rehearsal. Maybe all this is the destiny?

How do you accept death of you friend? What death means for you in general? How do you picture it? Do you have some believes regarding the after-life, not to talk about the Christian trust in the resurrection and going to hell or paradise, but talking about the energy that surely remains after the passing over of a person.

Of course, at first we were shocked but afterwards I decided that he made his choice. We don’t need to suffer about this. Death is the new state of life. Fuck all stupid and primitive Christian trust in hell and paradise. Everything is not so simple…

Finally, what would you wish for Lithuanian black metal fans?

At first I would like to thank those Lithuanian fans who were on Tvaikas II in Šiauliai. We feel your energy and we will play in your country with great pleasure again if we are invited. I wish for everybody to stay true in what they do. Hail Satan and Latvian Black Metal!

Thanks for the answers, Lord Messir. Hope to see you in other concerts in Lithuania or maybe in Latvia.

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