Review: "Seeds of Fate" – French Seeds for Lust of HYPNOSIS and Hallucinations

2006.12.08 00:00, Birutė

Here we could return back to October 1993 when heavy seeds were sowed in a province of France. They finally matured three years later when Cindy, Patrice and Pierre formed the core of HYPNOSIS. Today we have the fourth album of the band Review: "Seeds of Fate" – French Seeds for Lust of HYPNOSIS and Hallucinationsnamed „Seeds of Fate“ – not a very large harvest for 13 years, one could say. There is no shame to confess that HYPNOSIS was just a title for me till the moment when the copy of the new product reached my player from the homeland of the band. The thing is that metal formations of the region are less famous than the ones of Scandinavia or Germany for instance. Anyway, the least is not the worst. So prepare to be possessed by hypnosis for a long hour and enjoy the heaviest menu of the French layout.

There are neither delicacy snails nor frogs; instead – much destruction, soul mirrors, altered reality and seeds of fate. The demolition starts with the powerful symbiosis of both technical and brutal sound sometimes in the spirit of the famous MORBID ANGEL. However, the unexpected turns of vocals and of rhythmics make the music original and complex. Fix your attention on long compositions and on the style characterized by the hypnotists themselves – modern, atmospheric, futuristic cyber death metal! And if you keep on listening the album where the ultimate tempo and brutal madness is followed by dark gothic atmosphere equally balancing in three-dimensional space of melody, electro-industrial sounding and sympho effects, bolts may start unscrew in your head. Don’t care because the madness is not real alike the flight above the nest of a cuckoo though hourly hypnosis is almost guaranteed. Can you really hear woman vocals in the absolutely perfect „Stone Cold Embrace“ or does the alliance of Cindy/Pierre shift voices so strongly? „Soul Mirror“ should be designed to all fans of MA and to the whole army of old death metal warriors; still, there is a part of modern cyber flavoring. Oh yea, admirers of DIMMU BORGIR and gothic should also find a piece of food for their souls. And the so-called futuristic shade is reflected by nothing else but machines ruled by Pierre instead of drums.

Welcome to the room of hard, expressive and dynamical therapy! It seems that the Polish BEHEMOTH were here; anyway, only a few chords similar to them could be noticed in „The Room“. Very original synthesis of sounds, tempo and vocals could be heard again and it should either knock or slightly derange you. Furthermore, you have a doubt: isn’t it really “live” percussion? To say the truth, the rhythm section seems to sound very naturally. Anyhow equipment is very potent today… Electronic sound may be felt in „Erosion of Thoughts“ that cuts your brain, sometimes reminding of SAMAEL of today, once returning to a spirit of MA again. But do not try to find any germ of plagiarism in HYPNOSIS music as the style of the band is rather novel and hard to characterize in general. „Altered Reality“ is a true example of how you can die from the overdose of decibels and of high frequency sound. Be careful all of you who even love the most extreme brutality! And what a surprise, female vocals are here indeed!

The next 2 pieces support the confusion: what the hell was in the heads that generated such an exciting music, yet so complicated and full of unsuspected twists? Finally, the title and the most prolonged song „Seeds of Fate“ earns particular greetings and compliments. To tell the truth, the track crowns the whole album as each sound nuance is close to ideal if not ideal. You must enjoy electronics, death metal rhythm, quite diverse vocals, guitars and… easy lyrics.

In summary, all parts of the album are different enough so you could hardly memorize something. That’s not bad if… Why isn’t HYPNOSIS so popular and tours are not so broad despite their work over 10 years already? The possible reason might be the complicated music that is hard to listen live. We had a few other similar situations in a face of excellent bands like ATHEIST, CYNIC etc. HYPNOSIS is also very interesting and worth of more attention and high recognition. Maybe Lithuania should appear among the tour dates of 2007? Who knows.

Rating: 9/10.

„Seeds of Fate“
“Bent Rec.” 2006
Duration 59:27

1. Genesis of Destruction (6:31)
2. Stone Cold Embrace (6:01)
3. Soul Mirror (6:34)
4. The Room (7:03)
5. Erosion of Thoughts (6:24)
6. Altered Reality (5:47)
7. Low Life Process (7:32)
8. Glittering Words (5:10)
9. Seeds of Fate (8:20)

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