Interview with the Latvian melodic death metal band INFECTED

2006.09.01 00:00, Aušra

As the festival „Ferrum Rust“, by which the autumn metal season will be opened, is approximating, we gave a few questions to the Latvian melodic metal band INFECTED that will give a concert in Lithuania for the first time. The band existing from 2001 was searching for its style of many years and finally stopped with melodic death metal. We will be able to evaluate the music of the band next weekend, on September 9, and here is the short acquaintance with the members of the band.

Hi guys! As your show in Lithuania is coming, I would like to ask a few questions to make a closer acquaintance with you before hearing you live in Vilnius. So let’s start from the beginning…

As the biography testifies, the beginning was quite difficult for you – no guitar tuners, cellophane bags for guitars… :) Has the concert and material situation got better when the members of the band moved from Kraslava to Riga?

Hello! Yes, it got better. The capital always means more opportunities and contacts. We got ourselves jobs to provide living in Riga and the necessary stuff for playing, we also met some concert organizers (that led to more concerts). It was also Riga where all the present band members had met.

How frequent concerts are? How do you manage to combine music with daily duties, work or studies perhaps?

Lately they happen about twice a week so that out daily duties can be combined with music easily. Still, music always stands in the first place. In case of a continuing tour or recording abroad for a month, we all would be ready to sacrifice our jobs. Of course, it would be amazing to earn money by music, not combining it with daily duties or studies.

Do you prefer large concerts with big names, which may add a plus to you biography, or smaller concerts in clubs where the atmosphere is perhaps different?

Both kind of concerts give you experience. They both are important. Big concerts give you more self-confidence, feeling of reaching something. Playing in clubs is a more intimate thing, meaning that you’re closer to the audience.

But in general you can never tell, where it’s gonna be better. It’s any place you can headbang, give all your energy to the audience – thrashing mad :), whether it’s a stadium crowded with people or a little club filled with 10 metalheads.

By the way, how did the gig with the Americans NILE proceed? Did you enjoy the concert and how did your performance succeed?

This gig can’t be got off our heads, it was awesome – great atmosphere, meeting new people and a lot of beer, of course! Our drummer was impressed the most because NILE was one of the bands from his childhood favourites. One more exciting thing was that this concert was played with Sergey, bassist of NEGLECTED FIELDS as a session musician. He kind of made this concert happen by offering his help, when our bassist was away and we had to look for his replacement.

What are you “teachers” or influences? Perhaps there are some names you look up to or despise?

Our main influences are CYNIC (its dynamics), DEATH (its riffs simplicity), NEVERMORE (its aggression).

How does the creative process go in your band? How long does it take to create a song? How big is your “repertoire”?

Usually, it starts with one of guitarist (usually Viestur) bringing a composed riff, then all the band thinks of how this part could sound with all the instruments, how it continues, mathematics also takes place :). It takes about 1-2 weeks to make the whole arrangement for a song.

In addition to older pieces, the new repertoire contains 5 songs + cover, we used to choose the one which is not close to our style, we love experimenting. In Lithuania it’s gonna be the CHIMAIRA song “Pure Hatred”.

What is the atmosphere of the band – do you also spend your time to together or simply meet for rehearsals?

The atmosphere is great, whether it’s rehearsals or outside them. Sometimes it starts with the gulp of beer in the very beginning of rehearsal and ends with going to the closest gas tank for beer in the morning, after have drunk 10 of it. :)

What opinions do you have about other Latvian bands and the stage in general? How do you estimate your colleagues from neighbouring countries?

The most promoted bands in Latvia are NEGLECTED FIELDS, SKYFORGER, SANCTIMONY, PRETERNATURAL, FLAYING. All these bands are rather good. Our drummer is fond of NEGLECTED FIELDS’ last album “Splenetic”, it is a piece of art.

Talking about the Latvian metal scene – it is growing (in general thanks to Gothic Productions,, more concerts are organised. 2 years ago our first 2-day metal festival made its debut, not long ago Melna Piektdiena, a metal club, came to life. So it looks like everything goes up, maybe a bit slowly, but it still goes. A lot of new bands appear as well, but, sorry to say, nothing interesting was heard from them yet.

Talking about Baltic states, we heard of the band called GROL from Lithuania. We also watched the performance of SHADOWDANCES at the first Metalshow festival 2 years ago. It was good. We know HORRICANE from Estonia – once they also performed in Latvia. We really enjoyed their show. These bands are the ones who come first in our heads.

As I understand, Ferrum Rust 2006 will be the first gig abroad; meanwhile, you have already participated in several major Latvian festivals and supported several big names. Which concert would you consider the most successful? What festivals are on your wish-list?

There are three gigs that we enjoyed the most – the gig with NILE and then our “mini-tour” that happened in the beginning of August in Liepaja’s Fontaine Palace (wonderful club) and Jelgava Rock Music Fest – it was an amazing trip and fucking awesome performance.

By now Brutal Assault stands on the first place of our wish-list. It’s easier getting there than getting for example on Wacken Open Air, isn’t it? :) We try to be realistic but, of course, just like every band which loves what they are doing we hope for the best and will do our best to make our wish-list come true.

What are your expectations regarding the gig in Lithuania?

It’s gonna be the hit of the century, where we’re gonna play ourselves terminators :).

Ok ok :), just don’t pull the venue down. What about foreign labels, have you tried offering your demo records to some? Perhaps you are planning some full-length album in future?

We’re planning to release it next year but the exact date hasn’t been picked yet. After the album is released, it’ll come to contacting labels.

Well, not to tire you too much, I will stop here. Thanks for the answers – I believe they will be useful for Lithuanian metalheads before getting acquainted with you live. See you in Vilnius!

Thank you! See ya!

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