The third chance is given by THIRD CHANCE. Take it!

2017.02.08 13:47, Greta

16426066_753903751451845_6434697622952183231_nYou definitely can’t tell the guys in THIRD CHANCE what to do because they definitely know what they are doing causing some real hardcore-violence in the crowd that you find yourself irresistibly drawn into. It’s a crushing, balls to the wall energy and aggression that leaves no one just comfortably standing. On February 4th the Lithuanian audience had a pleasure to experience these Finnish hardcore-delights in a feast of heaviness and brutality “In’Feast Vol. I”. And, boy, THIRD CHANCE was killing it.

Here’s an interview with the band’s vocalist Viki and bass player Niki done just before the show.

I really like your band name! It‘s short and simple but at the same time a bit confusing – why isn‘t it the second or first but third chance?

Viki: Well, one or two chances aren‘t sometimes enough. So you might need the third chance, you know.

So the third chance is given?

Viki: Yeah, I guess so.

In the interview with organizers of In‘Feast you‘ve mentioned that the hardcore scene in Finland is alive and thriving today and that there are plenty of top-notch hardcore bands out there. How did you discover this scene yourselves? Do you remember the first metal or punk show you‘ve attended?

Viki: My first hardcore show, I think, was when I was thirteen. I guess I was checking out my brother‘s band in Helsinki. It was pretty cool. I was just a little kid and got very excited about what was going on. My brother got me into the whole thing. He played drums in a band called DEAF PENALTY, it‘s still active today. And I actually just joined them because their current singer had left the band so I jumped in.

Niki: It happened in the early age, I was thirteen or something. I went to a lot of punk rock shows. And after that it went to hardcore.

Talking about punk rock, I have recently watched an interview with Henry Rollins, vocalist of the legendary BLACK FLAG. He had some interesting thoughts about anger: that it‘s an emotion that can be a driving force for innovation and creation. Can anger and discontent be regarded as creative forces in THIRD CHANCE as well?

Viki: Yes, I think so. It‘s frustration about things that aren‘t that good that you get angry with but at the same time you get motivated by that, you get the chance to say something about stuff that you think is fucked up. That‘s probably one of the main things. Anger gets you pretty far but still… you can‘t just be pissed off all the time, you know. But it helps writing lyrics and getting the right feel. But I try not to be too angry as a person. I‘m pretty mellow and relaxed most of the time.

I also really like the cover art of your demo, it‘s actually my desktop background now! Some greedy skulls climbing up the huge pile of jewels, banknotes, doughnuts, hamburgers, inverted crosses, bottles, guns etc. But above it an angry young lad rises with his fist directed down towards all that. It is a clearly criticizing picture. What are you most dissatisfied with in our current society?

Viki: Well, where should I start? This is only my personal opinion, I‘m not talking here for everyone in the band, but I personally am angry and disappointed about the whole media industry and how we are polluting our planet. We are living the way we are which is pretty fucked up at the moment. That‘s what really gets me fucking mad. The future is looking pretty bleak at the moment and it seems like everything is going wrong. But also there‘s hope that some good things are coming up. It‘s not all bad, but… Yeah, I hope people are going to wake up a bit and realize what‘s going on.

Do you find it difficult to provoke a reaction in the audience during live performances? How important is it for you to get a feedback from people when you play?

Viki: It is pretty important. I get more energized and if I see that people are actually having fun and like what they are listening to and looking at then I can really get much more out of myself also. Last night we played in Riga and it was crazy. It was really fun, probably one of the best shows we‘ve ever played. Hopefully, we are going to see some of that today as well. (I‘m pretty sure THIRD CHANCE did see A LOT of that :) – author’s comment).

If we consider heavy music in general, black metal and punk rock seem to be most open to writing lyrics in one‘s mother tongue. THIRD CHANCE clearly knows it‘s punk roots so do you have plans to write a song in Finnish?

Viki: NO.

Niki: Why not?

Viki: … I don‘t know.

Doesn‘t it fit the music?

Viki: It doesn‘t fit me. I couldn‘t do it. It would feel strange writing lyrics in Finnish. NO.

I believe we‘ve entered an era in music which is really open to all kinds of influences and combinations. Somehow, I feel that in metal community to like a non-metal band is still considered as some kind of a dirty pleasure“ you should keep silent about. So I want to ask about these dirty musical pleasures of yours, can you name some non-metal bands that you really like?

Viki: I could probably name a few, but I have a blackout right now. But he‘s (Niki) got into rap a lot.

Niki: Yeah, and I found this new band called REAL FRIENDS. It‘s like… emo-pop-punk. Sunday music.

Viki: I can‘t come up with anything right now, but I listen to all kinds of stuff, sure. I don‘t listen to metal or hardcore all the time. But for the most part, I do. I just love it. But it‘s not like: you can‘t listen to anything else but hardcore. It‘s good to have a lot of different influences so it doesn‘t get boring.

Thank you guys so much for the first interview I‘ve ever done! Lithuanian freaks will definitely be ready for THIRD CHANCE‘s comeback with their new EP that‘s coming up!

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