MOURNING BELOVETH: “If people don’t hear the difference between us and ANATHEMA or MY DYING BRIDE, then they should not be listening to us”.

2008.09.04 00:00, Liuzeris

Hello, Darren. Greetings from the other rainy country! We are really glad to have MOURNING BELOVETH headlining Ferrum Rust festival and we hope you‘ll find the weather here also attractive…

Yeah, it’s been raining here for a long time… Hope for more in Lithuania…

The first and inevitable question. What do you know about Lithuania? Or any bands from our land?

I know you are a Republic, like Ireland… have some lovely weather, like Ireland and you gained renewed independence in 1990 from the Soviets… I do not know much else of your country but I believe you have a similar spirit to the Irish, Saturday will tell. As for bands I am ignorant here, sorry.

The next question is rather provocative. I‘m sure you know that many Lithuanians reside in Ireland for some dirty jobs. Do you have any good or bad experience with our natives?

I do not work with any but like every country we have the good and the bad, its how you deal with them is the solution.

Ok, let‘s move to music. I know that probably you are bored of the next question but I need to ask it. So how do you react when MB is constantly compared to the early ANATHEMA and MY DYING BRIDE? And how do you estimate their transformations?

MOURNING BELOVETH: “If people don’t hear the difference between us and ANATHEMA or MY DYING BRIDE, then they should not be listening to us”.At this stage we are sick of it as we feel we have our own identity and ANATHEMA have pushed into the pop realm, whereas MDB are a mere shadow of what they once were, pandering to the goth metal scene that we do not know nor want to know about. We are a metal band, we play slow and therefore we are compared to these bands. If people cannot hear the difference, then they should not be listening to us.

Do you have any idols in a doom scene? What about influences of other scenes?

Wino is god… I have no idols anywhere. I do appreciate a lot of bands from doom to death to black to heavy metal and a few drinks in between with the obligatory substance abuse for scene cred…

The new album „A Disease for the Ages“ came out in May. Maybe you‘ve already heard any feedback on it? How do you judge it yourselves?

The feedback has been amazing for the new album but we say all along if we are happy with the music then that is all that matters, it is a bonus that other people like it and it gets us to play places like Lithuania…

Could you briefly describe all MB albums so that the listener would have an opinion what to expect from them?

I cannot judge, maybe I am too close but usually my thoughts on this matter are that each album is different, it is a culmination of the experiences of the previous few years while the album was being written captured in one hour on CD. I like each album for different reasons and there are always things we would like to change or improve but if an album was perfect we would stop writing and playing in a band… To sum up each album in a few words is hard but…

“Dust” was a culmination of years in a rehearsal room, it was probably the first time we actually heard the songs properly and gave us an insight on how a proper studio works.

“The Sullen Sulcus”… back to Academy studios and we developed on the themes and arrangements of “Dust” and the album had a very full sound and very melodic. A “press hit”.

“A Murderous Circus”… change of studio, change of tone, a more caustic and desolate guitar sound and a lot of experimentation with vocals and songs. A lot of people were put off by this album due to the extra long songs and the harsh atmosphere but a lot of people I talk to now see what we were trying to do and appreciate the album a lot more.

“A Disease for the Ages”… time will tell… for now it is the most brutal and uncompromising album we have done. It is also the shortest and has a huge sound to overwhelm you.

Will you focus on the last record while playing in Ferrum Rust or will you do a retrospective from all the albums?

Well, we will play two new songs and then a selection from our other albums… Hopefully some people will know them ha ha!

PRIMORDIAL and MOURNING BELOVETH are probably among the most known metal bands from Ireland. Could you suggest any other metal bands from your island?

Check out MAEL MORDHA… celtic doom metal, WRECK OF THE HESPERUS… filthy sludge doom… THY SINISTER BLOOM….the pink floyd of doom… GRAVEYARD DIRT… the bastard son of “Pentecost III” and ENCHANTMENT.

Ok, your last words for Lithuanian fans.

See you at the bar Saturday!

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