John Tardy from OBITUARY: “We are proud that we stamped our style in the metal world”

2008.05.27 00:00, Liuzeris

No secret that one of the most prominent bands of the metal stage – death metal legends OBITUARY – will give a show in Vilnius on July 25. It is a perfect occasion to speak with the band about Lithuania, death metal and future plans of the band. The interview is taken from the vocalist of the band John Tardy.

Hello, guys! I must say it’s a big honor for us to have the band like OBITUARY in Lithuania. It’s going to be your first time in our country and also quite an exclusive show for all Baltic States fans.

So my first question would be – do you guys know anything about our part of the world?

John Tardy from OBITUARY: “We are proud that we stamped our style in the metal world”No, I don’t know much about Lithuania so I am very excited to visit your country. We are ready to come and put on a great show. This will be our first time there, but I hope not the last.

You’re going to have a solo performance in Vilnius. But it seems you guys are pretty joyful about festivals that you’re playing. So which shows do you prefer more – headlining a solo show in front of, say, 1500 fans or be one of the many bands but have a much bigger audience in festivals?

These are two totally different worlds. Big festivals are tough on bands because everything is a big rush. We are always rushed travelling to the festival, getting on the stage before we play and only 35 or 40 minutes to perform, so it is always kind of hard to have fun. On the other hand, when we headline our own shows we have time for sound-check, set-up, preparation for the show, and we can play as many songs as we wish. I do like big festivals because performing in front of huge crowds is always a challenge and I like that but, I really enjoy headlining shows at venues where we can interact and be eye to eye with the crowd.

Usually bands play longer sets on their solo gigs. Are you going to please Lithuanian fans with a longer song list? What songs can we expect in Vilnius?

If I told you that I’d have to kill you…

On January Allen was released from prison. Is he back in the band? What plans do you have for Ralph then? Who’s going to be your second guitar player on the European tour in summer?

Ralph is OBITUARY’s guitarist and that is the line-up you will see. He is a sick guitar player that really brings it on stage live! Allen is out of jail and is focusing on his life. I know he will be o.k.

With OBITUARY you’ve shared a stage with many metal bands. Is there any band that you haven’t played with but wished to? Why?

SLAYER. Because they are the best band on the planet and we have worshipped them for two decades. We have been very fortunate to share the stage with them at the Gods of Metal festival in 2007, but it was only for one show. They are my favourite live band.

You’re one of the pioneering death metal bands. Back in the early days, death metal was something very fresh, very new and most of bands in the business were really original. Today we have a pile of clones whose names are even hard to recall. Don’t you think that nowadays death metal scene is way too overcrowded? And do you listen to death metal bands of the ‘new generation’?

I don’t listen to very much of new stuff, although I do appreciate some new bands and records. I only can speak for OBITUARY when I say that we know what we do and believe in our music. No matter how congested the scene gets, we will always stick to our style. People listen to OBITUARY to hear OBITUARY and we are proud that we stamped our style in the metal world.

And what is your opinion about other metal genres, like black, doom metal? Are you familiar with the scenes?

I’m not too familiar with much but I appreciate the scene…

Your last album “Xecutioner’s Return” came out only last year but maybe you’re already thinking about a new record? What deal do you have with Candlelight Records?

We still have lots of touring to do for “Xecutioner’s Return”! After the South American shows we will travel to Europe 4 different times to play all of the open air festivals through July. That’s when we will focus on recording the new album…..

In January Roadrunner Records released OBITUARY compilation “The Best of Obituary”, although they’re not your record company anymore. Was that done with approval from your side? You had “Anthology” released already in 2001…

We had no say so in the matter. It was never approved by the band! DON’T BUY IT!

It’s already two decades that OBITUARY is in metal business. Do you picture the band’s future after two more decades? :)

If we are still breathing, we will be creating new music. We have too much fun to ever stop!

And what future awaits death metal, in your opinion?

I can only tell you that OBITUARY will keep writing death metal and giving fans what they need and deserve; music that truly kicks-ass.

Ok, I guess, that’s about it. Your last words for Lithuanian fans…

Don’t miss this show….It will blow you away! We promise!

Thanks for the interview!

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