Andreas Kisser: ‘The spirit of SEPULTURA is still very alive’

2007.06.08 00:00, Liuzeris

On July 20th Brazilian metal legends SEPULTURA are coming to Lithuanian capital Vilnius. This is going to be their second show here after 15 years. Bands guitarist Andreas Kisser shared some thoughts regarding ‘Dante XXI’ tour and other SEPULTURA matters.

Hello, Andreas! First of all let me tell you that it‘s an honor for me to interview one of my favorite guitar players. And it will be a big pleasure to have you on stage here in Vilnius once again.

Thank you. We are very happy to come back to Vilnius after so long.

Do you remember the first time SEPULTURA came to Lithuania on 1992? I know that it was a long time ago and you had millions of shows after that but maybe you still have some memorable moments about the visit in Vilnius?

Yes, I remember a lot from the whole tour. We did it by train and the shows were very big. People were crazy and very passionate about SEPULTURA. Your country was destroyed and it was very poor. It made an impact on us but people still were great. We had a really great time.

Have you guys had any idea about Lithuania and its situation at that time? Have you imagined what was the importance of your performance in former Soviet Republic which just year before got its independence back?

During that time everything was very new for us and not many bands played there. I guess our show helped people to get away from the whole political chaos.

Ok, let’s talk about nowadays. ‘Dante XXI’ tour already lasts more than a year. Haven’t you guys got tired? Do you believe SEPULTURA will still have energy for these summer shows after such exhausting and forever-longing tour?

Yes, I’m sure of that. We have a new drummer Jean Dollabella and that is very motivating us. We are getting tighter day by day and we are preparing the band to start another album for the next year. And the shows are going really good. We are feeling very fresh with a lot of energy to share.

Do you have any new material for the next album already?

We are just starting to write new music. We plan to record the album early next year.

You guys seem to give a lot of attention to Europe. Could you say that European fans are one of your favorites? Why?

Europe is the cradle of heavy rock. It is the continent we played the most in our history. The structure and fans are great and we feel at home here.

What kind of gigs do you prefer more now – stadium or club ones?

We still play both kinds of places and I like them the same way. Sure they are different but both are good.

On SEPULTURA website you’ve mentioned that you would like to tour with U2. Why U2?

U2 is one of the great bands in music. They have a point of view, strong opinions, great lyrics and melodies. Also I respect Bono very much for his work to help Africa.

Ok, next thing I’m just forced to ask because otherwise I won’t be understood. It’s already more than 10 years after Max left the band. Igor left SEPULTURA last year and started the buzz once again. What could you say for the fans (probably ex-fans nowadays) that keep bitching ‘this is not SEPULTURA anymore’ etc.? Have you ever thought about the changing band’s name and start a new band as some metalheads are ‘suggesting’?

We never follow any fans suggestions. The spirit of SEPULTURA is still very alive. Go and check it on tour, live on stage – that’s where SEPULTURA is SEPULTURA. All the rest is only bullshit talk. We have a great support from all parts of the world and that keep us alive.

Some more related questions. Do you follow Max’s career? What do you think of SOULFLY? Have you ever been offered to share stage with SOULFLY? What would you do if that happened?

We never had a chance to share the stage with SOULFLY but I have no problem to share the stage with any band. I think the constant changes in the line up never let SOULFLY to create a style. Max is still in 1996.

Ok, let’s move to more happy things. As I know you’re a collector of football stuff. And the president of Lithuanian Football Federation wishes personally to give you our National Football Team T-shirt. Would you like to comment that?

That’s great! I feel honored. I love football and I still don’t have your country’s shirt in my collection. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

Would you please local fans and put that T-shirt on during your show in Vilnius?

Of course. Consider it’s done!

You are a father of three kids. Are they into metal music as their father?

Not at all. At least so far. They like every kind of music.

Any last words for Lithuanian fans?

I’m very happy to have the chance to play in your country again. It has been a long time and I promise to play all the history of SEPULTURA on stage.

Thank you for your thoughts and see you in Vilnius!

Thank you and see you soon.

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