Alex Krull from ATROCITY: “Artists Should Break all Boundaries”

2007.05.11 00:00, Liuzeris

Here is an interview with Alex Krull from ATROCITY. The leader with the band and his wife Liv Kristine are presently participating in a joint tour of ATROCITY and LEAVES‘ EYES in Europe, and the last concert will be given in Vilnius on May 12. The fifth birthday of the portal will be commemorated by this concert. Even though Alex is on the road at the moment, he agreed to give an interview. Some answers might be short because of the hurry but they are surely interesting. Let’s evaluate…

Alex Krull from ATROCITY: “Artists Should Break all Boundaries”Hello Alex! First of all, thanks for sparing your time for answering a few questions for metal fans out here. And there goes my first traditional question to all foreign bands – how do you guys come up with the idea of showing up in Lithuania and other Baltic States? As I know, you ought to come here last year. What happened back then?

Since last year when we returned from the Bikefest, we had some requests regarding more shows in the Baltic States. We had to move one show before but now we are playing here again, which is great!

My second traditional question is – do you know anything about Lithuania? Have you ever been here? Maybe you have some information about our metal scene, bands?

I know some historical stuff and I was watching the situation. I was very interested when the Baltic States got independent again because it reminded me a little bit of what happened in Germany when Western and Eastern Germany united.

Ok, enough about Lithuania. Let’s talk about ATROCITY. I believe, time from time you are asked about the past of the band that, I guess you’ll agree, differs much from what you are doing now. The death metal start, experimental mid-period and somewhat industrial metal approach these days. What’s all about these changes during your career? Why have you given away death metal?

Haha, I don’t think we have given away anything. Let’s say that we’ve always wanted to be a extreme and intense band with a very artistic touch. To be like that you have to break all the boundaries and give your creativity the freedom to develop the music you want to do. And by the way check out “Reich of Phenomena” which is the fastest track we ever did!

In 2004, after quite a calm, you came up with the brilliant album „Atlantis“. How do you judge this album yourself?

Alex Krull from ATROCITY: “Artists Should Break all Boundaries”I like the album very much, the music is having a great range from very bombastic, brutal parts to melodic, atmospheric and hymn-like music. And last but not least I like the concept of the album, it was a great challenge and very very exciting.

Is there any record or period in ATROCITY’s career that you’d rather forget?


It’s already three years since the last album release. Are you guys working on something new? Will there be a new album soon? If yes, will it continue „Atlantis“ line or maybe you’ll surprise fans with something different? What are general plans of the band for the future?

At the moment we are producing a new “Werk 80” album. We are working with an orchestra and choir, which is awesome! We hope to finish the album in summer this year, but it depends on touring plans – we have a big delay already, haha. Anyway it will be a killer release, I can promise you that. Our further future plans are a dark trilogy with extreme and atmospheric music. Also, we are working with my sister Yasmin again on an acoustic album.

ATROCITY guys are also playing in LEAVES’ EYES, which is also going to perform in Vilnius on the same show. Which band, in your opinion, experiences more support from metalheads around the world?

Hard to say… ATROCITY has a long history but LEAVES’ EYES is one of the hottest gothic/symphonic metal acts at the moment…

Alex Krull from ATROCITY: “Artists Should Break all Boundaries”It’s no secret that the vocalist of LEAVES’ EYES Liv is your wife :) Could you share with us how she feels regarding the show in Lithuania?

Like us she is excited to play for you guys, we never have been there before!

You’re German. So what bands you would distinguish as a standard-bearer of German metal? Do you befriend with other metal bands in your country? What are they?

Of course, we know nearly everybody from the German metal scene from BLIND GUARDIAN to DESTRUCTION. I am happy about the success of German bands worldwide – it was not always like that.

Let’s get back to the Lithuanian show. What playlist is ATROCITY preparing for Lithuanian fans? Is it going to be Atlantis-based playlist or songs covering other periods of your career?

We’ll play a kind of best of with a focus on the “Atlantis” album.

As for nearly the end of the interview, I would like to ask one quite personal question. It’s hard not to notice the length of Alex Krull’s hair. So for how long have you been growing it? :)

Haha, the hair is about 1,20 m long and it grows for ages!

And finally – what could you say to the metal fans that are still doubting of coming to your show?

Be there or die! ;) We will kick your asses, haha!

Thanks for your time and thoughts!

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2006.11.10 11:37

Yra dvi grupes tokiu paciu pavadinimu. Viena groja Thrash Speeda (galima pabadinti ir speed core) kita Blacka.

2006.05.18 16:30

WERMACHT teisingas pavadinimas yra WEHRMACHT ir savo grojama stiliu patys muzikantai apibudino speed-core o ne kazin kokiu naci black metal. Ju 1987 metu diskas ”Shark Attack” labai puikiai klausosi.

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