A beautiful flirtation.

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A beautiful flirtation.

Standartinė Lanben » 2021.11.04 10:20


For some reason, women often either do not know how or are simply afraid to flirt with men. To some it seems to be some kind of "dirty" and "ignoble" occupation, while others begin to do it in such a way that from the outside it seems as if this "seductress" really wants to "eat" this poor man, so devours him with her eyes, and in general she has long agreed to everything.

But in fact, you still need to be able to flirt, because this is a very subtle art that not every woman masterfully owns. It is necessary to flirt gracefully, but piquantly. It should be a game on the edge of what is allowed and forbidden, frank and restrained. There are several rules that will help you better master this skill and eventually achieve your perfection in it.

1. Your smile

Start communicating with a smile. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin have proven that smiling faces are perceived to be 70% more cute and attractive. And for some reason, many girls sit with such a cold and detached look that a man just becomes uncomfortable. While smiling women immediately attract men, especially among such "icicles". Be joyful, positive and then any man will want to communicate with you.

2. Your view

A woman's weapon is a look. An arrogant look is embarrassing, and the "absence" of a look means coldness. Therefore, the classic of flirting is a sneak peek and averting your gaze as soon as a man notices it. Averting your gaze symbolizes modesty — your feminine modesty, but your smile and nod - enhance the impression of the look. It is believed that a woman should not get acquainted first, but she may well make it so that they only want to get acquainted with her. And your view is one of the ways to do it.

The look should not be needy or desperate, it should radiate calm confidence in its own irresistibility, but at the same time be a little reserved and shy. Look directly into the man's eyes or at his lips, smile and "hide" the look for a moment and then he simply will not be able to resist coming up and meeting such a beautiful woman.

3. Your appearance and accessories

Choose the right accessories for flirting: perfume that leaves a light trail of sweet smell; unusual jewelry, for example, large earrings that attract attention, but do not overdo it and do not make yourself a "Christmas tree". Everything should be in moderation, so focus only on one big and bright detail of your image.

As for clothes, you do not need to immediately put on all the best that you have, yes more, yes more expensive! After all, it can rather have the opposite effect and repel than attract the gaze of a man. It is better to wear a beautiful set of underwear, it always gives confidence and a sense of luxury, and men feel it perfectly.

Make-up, too, try to do more "calm", and not a war paint in the style of "I went hunting, everyone beware." In general, try to just always be well-groomed and first of all wear those things in which you yourself feel incredibly attractive and sexy.
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Re: A beautiful flirtation.

Standartinė Nascar » 2021.11.04 12:31

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Re: A beautiful flirtation.

Standartinė lolapaluuza » 2022.05.16 19:14

Honestly, it's terrible. Do you really need to look special to be noticed? What if I don't want to wear revealing clothes?
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Re: A beautiful flirtation.

Standartinė Dakoota » 2022.05.16 19:33

No, you can look the way you want. However, when I choose Hijabs, I always try to find something that is most convenient and comfortable so that the clothes do not interfere with my daily life. It is also important for me that the fabric is natural and pleasant to the body, this is most important in hot weather.
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