The type of relationship is polyamory.

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The type of relationship is polyamory.

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The topic of polyamory is actively discussed in many countries of the world, but what does this concept mean? Polyamory implies the love of several or many people. Polyamory is a common name for various practices related to loving more than one person. Unlike other forms of open relationships, polyamory is not sex with several people, but a love relationship of several partners that exists with their consent. Within the framework of polyamory, there is no place for treason, infidelity, since everything happens at the request of the members of the union. All parties involved have long-term relationships in which feelings of love and trust play an important role.
Polyamory rejects the idea that monogamous relationships are the only good, correct, possible or desirable concept for a successful life.

Unlike polygamy (polygamy), polyamory is not prohibited, but it is not regulated by law. Is it possible to forbid loving several people? Or restrict the right of a group of people to meet each other? Contrary to suspicion, the polyamory format does not include group sex or swinging. It is rather a sexual relationship of one person with more than one partner, and this relationship is not based only on bed, but has a romantic component. But this is not a classic betrayal, when, for example, a man meets with two women and hides this fact from both, but an open relationship supported by the consent of all parties.

Anyone who thinks about polyamory should first move away from the model of monogamous relationships. But it is not always easy to do this, because we were brought up on examples of monogamy, and polyamory or polygamy in our society were considered and are considered a deviation from the norm.

In most cultures, love leads to a relationship between a man and a woman, ideally to marriage, children and a joint household. Some people believe in the "love of a lifetime", others are convinced that love comes and goes, others feel happy only in relationships with several people. And they are all right in their own way, although society thinks otherwise.

Conditions for polyamory:

Honesty and transparency about feelings, desires and expectations.
Willingness to communicate. Jealousy arises where there is no communication.
You and your partner are not limited to loving one person.
Having enough time to meet with several people. If someone is very busy, it will be difficult to maintain a polyamorous relationship.
What distinguishes polymer people?

They consider love to be an inexhaustible source and are ready to generously share it with several people.
Polyamorous people are able to fall in love with several people at the same time and do not perceive these feelings as a threat to stability or as something abnormal.
They respect the freedom of choice and feelings of their partners.
They do not hide emotions and views, openly declare their plans.

Pros and cons of polyamory

Reasons to be Polyamorous:

The one who gives more love gets more love.
Polyamory makes love brighter and more multifaceted.
Unity with several partners.
The ability to rely on them.
Polyamory teaches you to be honest and conduct transparent relationships.
The desires of partners are met with understanding and respect.
The ability to have multiple sexual partners without having to cheat on them.
Love becomes more valuable because, despite the freedom to "love who you want" and "do what you want", you decide to love a certain person.
Problems of polyamory:

When the network collapses, not one partner is lost, but several relationships.
We have to hide polyamorous relationships from friends, colleagues, parents, because society treats them negatively.
Jealousy is also found in polyamory, it can lead to conflict and the collapse of relationships.
Some find such relationships very stressful because they require a lot of time, honesty and emotional exchange.
It is very difficult to create a family within the framework of polyamorous relationships.
The choice situations are very difficult for a multilateral union, it is not easy to find a compromise between all participants.
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