How To Prepare For Endgame

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How To Prepare For Endgame

Standartinė Amerzone » 2020.09.06 04:27

For the casual men and women who don't understand what endgame means essentially around this time for the past few 2K they generally puts out super plump packs up in which the pretty much guaranteed an opal and the token NBA 2K MT market becomes updated with great packs and endgame cards causing the largest Market crash (meaning cards drop significantly in price) of NBA 2K cycle.

So if present lineup or set has cards which you don't have any problem selling or are not endgame caliber meaning that they are not actually a top 10-15 card within their position (In your opinion not whatever the meta is because it's MyTeam not OurTeam) this is the ideal time to sell them before endgame. Plus you'd be amazed how much some cards go for especially part of packs that are old that have not been offered in a while. This is the last stretch where you are able to snipe and make quite excellent profit out of the GOAT cards since they will always opt for mad MT no matter what, also if you have not been sniping.

This my first myteam season and I have cards you're convinced everything gon na drop in cost and like bb blake griffin takeover chris bosh etc if I sell? Everything will fall unless the card gets. While others might fall 60K only depends on how available the card is some might only drop like 10K. For instance last year I had a Galaxy Opal card that was heading for like 40-50K. When 2K19 endgame occurred they put out a locker code where it was 1 of 3 opals and that he was among them next thing you know he's just 10-15K.

It is nothing to panic over tho. Don't sweat it, if you have wind game cards in your lineup. Maintain running the cards and finish out the season. The moment 2K21 starts, you never look at your squad. Smart play would be to always maintain your collection. Promote them if you have cards in your lineup you are not 100 percent on or cards in your group you're not using. You find mt than after. Right now is a great time to sell diamond shoes or any contracts off. Rates are super right now.

If I am being honest endgame will not come out until late August. The nba season has resumed and I damn well know that once the NBA season resumes 2K will place playoff packs and what not out. Should they place packs before every player crashed I doubt anybody would want to purchase the playoff packs. That's true lots of top players got the top cards that they might possibly have tho out of a GOAT card such as Giannis LeBron Kawhi PG Embiid Simmons to list a few I'm interested on how they would go about the playoff cards cuz I really do concur with you they certainly are gonna do these.

Would you recommend selling high tier opals TO Giannis, such as OOP KD/LeBron? Already put lamelo on the block.I do not think OOP LeBron will fall enough in price during endgame to sell because it's a LeBron that may run PG I don't believe his cost will shift considerably. Takeover Giannis and OOP KD are those that'll definitely drop an adequate amount particularly KD I think he's the greatest he could be right now because of the new evo also Giannis is likely as large as he will ever be now too because he is not in superb packs at the moment and takeover packs aren't in the market right now and I'm sure he will be in super packs later on or takeover packs will be in the token market shortly or both so they'll be an influx of his cards resulting in his cost to inevitably drop.

They cards you should think about prior to the endgame crash are all those that have duos or those who could potentially receive a duo selling. So cards that don't have you should nonetheless be able to hold their worth because they will be harder to obtain Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins, where the pack was a Duo Super Pack this can be based off the past 2 years. True but imo at this stage when we got cards such as SF Bill Russell being a duo with SF Ben Wallace idk the best way to predict the duos. They are both centers that are undersized but when that's all it takes to get a duo is similar play-style then idk.
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Re: How To Prepare For Endgame

Standartinė samuelddarden » 2021.01.18 02:05

I am going to bookmark this for future updates.
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Re: How To Prepare For Endgame

Standartinė canadapleasure » 2021.05.10 16:18

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