Success in dating?

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Success in dating?

Standartinė Lanben » 2021.08.31 06:11


The basis of success with girls actually consists of several dozen pickup rules, which we will analyze, in order. To be successful with a girl, of course, you need experience, and experience is acquired by going through a lot of mistakes and checks of a girl.
So, everyone can't wait to find out about them.

The basis of success with girls, the components
1. Proper communication with a girl (without succumbing to her checks), without spending money (at least the first month of communication).

If you spend money on a girl from the first dates, then she will understand where they are, when she needs them. Don't take her to expensive cafes on the first date!!! Drive if you want to get a sad experience. Some may say: "She's not like everyone else!"- " How can you judge her on the first date?" You can spend money if you yourself get pleasure from it, for example, go karting-and it will be a pity on the first date.

2. Charisma - the quality of success and trust on the part of people.

If you are charismatic, you know how to beautifully arrange a situation - then success is guaranteed to you. How to pump charisma - yes, it's very simple, to start communicating with people on any topic, monitor their reaction, watch funny sketches from the Comedy club. In general, initially all people are charismatic to hell, but life kills her, and most likely the person himself allows you to do it!

3. Changing your personality is the most basic component in success with girls. Often talking to guys, you realize that they are just disgusting already in communication, no force of attraction is created in relation to them, and there is no need to talk about success with girls here - do not go to your grandmother. Change your attitudes in communication and relationships with girls:

a) to underestimate its significance to the baseboard, the behavior can be called "severe delicacy", sometimes it is easier to overstate your own and no sadism)
b) to communicate with a girl - this is a thrill for you! the girls are burning with the desire to communicate with you!
c) you are the best!

You can imagine and experience each installation inside yourself and eventually form your own strong frame.

e) communication with you brings pleasure to the girl (from this expression, you can gain courage and mock her a little).
f) in communication, the main thing for you is not the goal-sex, but just the process of communication. You can even hint that the main thing for you in a girl is the soul, that love is the unity of souls in the first place!) You'll figure out the rest Yourself!
g) you should see something special in it and say that even with great stars, this part of the face (for example, eyes) is not so beautiful (not for all cases, you should not elevate it), you should not overplay it here - the girl will immediately feel it.
h) arrogance and confidence in communication - half of the success in communicating with girls! I will not discover America with this, but it should be used, not just known.

4. Correct positioning of yourself to the girl.

You can introduce yourself to girls as psychologists, actors, directors or their assistants. It is not superfluous to mention that you are engaged in sports, for example, you attend the Aikido section - in any case, this is a huge plus. It works - you just need to think about everything and act. It would not be superfluous to indicate that you work in an international company and have a couple of people as assistants. And about the counter-questions, we will still analyze. But this also works more with fasts, if you are a passionate romantic, you should not "abuse" this rule, because there is such a thing as"congruence".

5. Never reveal all the secrets to the end.

Often the basis of success with a girl is a mystery, what the girl does not know about you is some area of your life. And this can really hurt her very much - it remains only to use it. There must be some mystery anyway. She calls to ask about: "where are you?" And you are her: either you are busy, or you are repairing the radio from your grandmother, whom you accidentally met in the store and she complained to you about the problem, since she has no one to fix it, etc. But of course you need to mix it with the real truth - after all, your life is not gray in any case, and you work and are a very positive person and even more-a great optimist! Either you should have a part of your life (or a hobby), in which you try not to devote it so much.

6. Do not show that you want sex.

Another basis for success with girls is not to show your animal instinct for sex, you are a macho man who can control his emotions. Of course, you do not need to do this when you see a mutual desire.

And in general, it is better to replace the word sex with love - making love is already like in romance novels. She should show that she wants you(for example, to touch you). If not, then you are doing something wrong! Although there are people who live through the arrogance of talking about sex, this is also an option if you have enough confidence)

7. Appearance is important.

Do not forget that they meet you by your clothes! If you have a belly like a pregnant woman, know that there is already a fitness in the 21st century - hone your figure. And the perfect figure and appearance is already half of the success!
8. Use different techniques.

The use of techniques and templates at first is simply necessary: fairy tales, metaphors, ambiguities put a girl into a trance, which positively affects how she perceives you, usually depends on the girls, but everyone definitely likes it!
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Re: Success in dating?

Standartinė Wilma123 » 2023.03.20 21:21

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