Practical Guidelines for Finding Master or MBA Level Dissert

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Practical Guidelines for Finding Master or MBA Level Dissert

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For most of the students writing a master level dissertation is a major challenge, especially for full time students who need to manage exam, studying and assignment works. They need to think well before writing dissertation, well planning is also needed, because master level dissertation writing is not so easy. For any writing task topic selection is the first and important part. Good topic will create a first and best impression in reader’s mind. For many of the students’ topic selection is not an easy thing because it needs some research and planning. Some useful tips are given below, which will help you to find a good dissertation topic for master or MBA level. Students should keep these tips in mind when creating dissertation topics before they begin to plan their research.
Tips for Finding Good Dissertation Topics:
• Students should develop a good working relationship with tutors, so that you can discuss topics and titles for your dissertation with your tutors. Tutors can help you by providing instructions on forming, outlining and revising topics in order to create the most appealing titles.
• Topics should be related to the real world of your study fields. For example, if you are a MBA students, you should develop dissertation topics based on the fields of marketing, business and management practice
• Choose the topic from your areas of interest and not on those of your friends or tutor, because you are the person who will have to do the research and to write the dissertation, and if so you feel comfortable and have confidence in your selected topics.
• Since novel facts, information, and studies are being added to the world of academics all the time, you must make sure that their selected dissertation topic is up-to-date, in order to catch up with this dynamic world.
• Some students think that complex topics will be rewarded with good marks. This is a myth spreading around students, and do not consider any topics which are very difficult for you to research and write. It is advisable to choose the topic on the area that is most interesting.
• In order to choose a good topic, begin thinking about issues that you have learned in your class so far. Narrow your focus to the particular areas or subjects that you have studied within your modules.
• Whichever the topic you have selected, it is important to seek advice from experienced tutors and to gain some opinions and ideas from them. If your tutor does not agree with your ideas then it is up to you to convince them, with logical evidence and explanation.
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