Sad story of happiness through love wallpaper

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Sad story of happiness through love wallpaper

Standartinė Tolle1996 » 2016.08.23 08:45

Broke up but I always suffer when thought about you .From time to time I again inquired message. I hummed said busy time but really I felt a pain like cutting, could tell you I remember, still in love.
Time goes by so fast, fleeting that you and I broke up almost a year. How did a year before me, affection, work, life now like? Sometimes I want to ask you a private message but think twice, afraid to disturb it decided against it. Track personal page, you can find new friends and laugh more. Perhaps you are truly happy, a happy maybe I did not bring together in time. Be really happy and i can say, not as I, who fled from reality and his own love wallpaper .
5 years we are together, but love each other a lot but apparently makes me and my age or engraved border, great quarrels and angry with each other, sometimes only because of their appearance is not trivial. And also from once argue for reasons not worth it, you and I broke up. Somehow after the break me repeatedly drove themselves to pass before my house at midnight, sitting there for several hours despite freezing temperatures. I sat there, just to relive happy times and I've had, looking at the house where I used to play every night, which was once seen as his home, and the man I've ever seen as family, now forever I will not step foot in again. I did not know I was sitting there, I turned off the lights in the room, in a lonely space that only my own.
Since then, though no longer sit in front of my house anymore, but sometimes I still ride my house across the alley. Sometimes I think that my mother is in the kitchen, really wanted to visit but afraid. My mother looked out, do not know anymore I do not see, if you see it also hopes her mother does not think I have anything bad intentions and then called the police. Joking, but I'm just afraid of what her mother told why this guy implications situation, farewell then ply do. You know, after a breakup, I really unbearable sadness, loneliness, nostalgia. My life as surrounded by a black, I have sought to escape that feeling. Just graduated is three days, I flew in Vietnam. Two months there, in addition to time spent with family, relatives, friends, I spend most of his time traveling to many places, always trying to make me really busy. Move helped me forget somewhat nostalgia.
Back to the US, when life returns inherent treadmill, I miss you more and more sad. I plunged into the busy work forward will forget you. I do three things at once but hardship, work is boring, just sitting there, staring at the computer screen, there is work to do, do not sit reading. I enjoyed reading this newspaper reveals on page, as reading is even miss you. Day love each other, I want after I finished school, then go to work full-time wedding and family worry, I dictated. Everything prepared all gone, I was no longer me anymore to continue studying it.
I'm going to repeat another program, then life will be busier and the like will help me somewhat forget you. Many people after breaking up or thought hanging, torturing myself, look to alcohol, refused to stand up after the fall. I do not like that, after breaking up I really strive for more in life. But sometimes think, is that's true weakness, that's the shy to face the reality. I try to strive to casually look back you will see me really changing, busy trying to flee from nostalgia. I am not a pessimistic person, or thinking, a problem occurs whether good or bad I will look at it from many different angles. So you and I broke up not so much to the sad wallpaper that the future of my children and could be better, happy, happier.
I still do not understand why myself always think of you for knowing the past is the past, thought themselves forever nostalgic about it does not help anything. Every time I pass by the places I been to, how many feelings came rushing back. Am I really the deadlock? Since the breakup, I really would, but few outside this city is not large, my sister and I walked together to meet other people. I asked her who it was, it turned out I was the one who often compare me with him several days to get used. She asked if I would be upset, I laughed and said there's nothing sad, I'm glad you happy then.
Day parting, I said sure not to two years will have a husband, so I said I would wait two years, when I have a husband and I love the new. Right now I do not know what I was waiting for, because he knows we will never ever go back. Maybe I'm really happy for then assured to love new people, but now also encumbered many hearts and many questions without answers. I am also afraid of the next step and then the new human suffering when the Heart wallpaper is not completely forget you. From time to time I left my message asking why then, with new lover yet. I just hummed, telling the time busy, no time to think about love. This tells me peace of mind, but in fact I felt a pain like a snake, but not probably told you I remember, still in love? Or do you have a husband quickly told that I was going to love another? And so, the days passed I always run away from what their feelings, but I do not like me, please, be truly happy
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