Relationships and dating.

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Relationships and dating.

Standartinė Nascar » 2021.11.20 11:20


Sex without obligations is quite commonplace nowadays. Both men and women are looking for one-time sex. The reason is quite clear — everyone is driven by a thirst for passion, and few people seek responsibility for a partner.

One-time sex most often happens:

on the first date, when people "could not restrain their passion" and/or realize that they will not be bound by a relationship anyway;
when one of the couple hopes that sex will help to keep a partner or get closer to him even more.
Why do relationships sometimes end the very next morning?

1. I didn't like sex

It happens like this: it seems that a person attracts everyone - and cute, and smart, and with good manners. But as soon as it comes to intimacy, everything suddenly disappears.

You suddenly realize that this partner is not yours. But it's somehow inconvenient to tell a person exactly what they didn't like in such a delicate matter. It's much easier to say, "Let's call!" and leave without exchanging phone numbers. To some extent, this is the right step — why drive a person into complexes?

Let him still consider himself irresistible, because it is likely that someday he will meet a partner who will think so. Agree, ending a relationship almost without starting them is not the worst thing, and most importantly - it's more honest than cheating.

2. Male failure

If you, having spent a pleasant evening, having a nice chat and literally falling in love with each other at first sight, approach a dessert called "sex", but the partner has certain physiological problems — this is a disaster.

The point, of course, is in psychology — more precisely, in self-esteem. A man who could not prove that he is a man (this is exactly our logic in bed) will avoid the partner with whom he failed. Comforting words that "this happens to everyone, everything is fine, you can try again" will not help.

3. The partner is not set up for a relationship

One-time sex is preferred by a man who is either afraid of responsibility, to which a serious relationship is required, or simply does not plan to have a long-term affair yet. Perhaps such a man will say that now there is no time for something serious, you need to make a career, "get on your feet"…

But these are banal excuses, because it is much easier to overcome life's difficulties and troubles together than alone. Although the reluctance to have a long-term relationship at some point in life, in general, is absolutely normal. The same applies to a woman — she may also just have other plans.

In addition, the desire for sex without commitment is also caused by the influence of modern films and the behavior of show business stars, who are the main object for imitation of the new generation (after all, there used to be much less of this kind of sex in our country than now).

4. Partners - friends

We have already discussed sex between friends in detail in an article on this topic. In particular, we considered possible scenarios for the development of further relationships after intimacy.

One-time sex with a friend is usually either spontaneous or pre-planned. It can even happen if one of the friends has a permanent partner (or both at once).

The main reason for this kind of sex can be either a sudden rush of passion after a good dose of alcohol, or the need to support a friend (a kind of sex help).

5. Sex under the degree

Modern girls often say: "What shameless guys have gone!" They say, one sex is on their mind. No romance, no respect for the opposite sex, etc., etc. Naive girls do not understand that in places where they meet these guys, romance "does not smell".

Yes, the days when people met in libraries and public transport are over, but bars, discos, nightclubs and other "hot spots" are hardly a place where you can find a young man for a long-term relationship.

After all, judge for yourself, why do people go to such places? To unwind, get away from the mundane and come off for real. When the brain is turned off, a person is driven by alcohol, people do stupid things. What kind of romance, even if there is no question of a sober assessment of what is happening?

Sex after dating in such places is just a logical conclusion to a pleasant evening. Dessert, if you want. This, in general, should be understood by both partners, but, alas, sometimes someone hopes for more in vain.
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Re: Relationships and dating.

Standartinė Lanben » 2021.11.20 14:06

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Re: Relationships and dating.

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Re: Relationships and dating.

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Re: Relationships and dating.

Standartinė BalanceBlind » 2022.05.17 16:40

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